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Transgender and Gender Diverse Children: Beyond the Myths

This research-based presentation, Trans-Kids-Beyond-the-Myths-2016,   is designed to dispel some of the most common myths about transgender and gender diverse children.  It was designed with the support of Gender Creative Kids Canada, the Trans Needs Committee at Memorial University, and the national peer support group, Canadian Parents of Trans and Gender Diverse Kids / Parents canadiens d’enfants trans. 

This is a multi-media presentation, and includes links to video and radio clips. It may be useful for families, schools, health care providers, and community organizations.

Families who would like permission to edit the slides (for example, to add their own story or experience when presenting) may do so by contacting the author, Dr. Julia Temple Newhook, Pediatrics Research Associate at Memorial University, at


You can also find the document by clicking below:


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