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Sam the Transformer

Sam knew she was not quite the same as the other girls, and she was not sure why. Sam has always felt like she doesn’t quite fit. She doesn’t like dresses and their swish-swish on her legs; she doesn’t like playing with dolls either, and she’d much rather climb on the jungle gym with the… read more »

Gender Diverse Parents

Hi there, I am a graduate student working on my PhD in clinical psychology at Palo Alto University focusing on supporting folks within ​trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) communities. I ​recently launched​ ​a survey that is devoted to understanding the strength, challenges, and unique lives of ​gender diverse parents. Little is known about the lives… read more »

The You Inside projet – ebook to download and film
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Stopping transphobia before it starts by teaching children about gender identity. The You Inside project, a project from Gender Creative Kids Canada, has the mission to educate people around the world about gender identity issues. Sam is an essential tool designed to help children understand what it means to grow up as a transgender child.… read more »

Gender Talk Kingston – Radio Show

Gender Talk Kingston on CFRC-FM in Kingston, every Tuesday evenings at 5:00 pm (Eastern Time). Tune in: 101.9 MHz, stream online at or select a number of recent archives

Real Love

Real Love is a series of LGBTQ+ romance novels for young-adult readers (interest level: 13+, reading level: grades 3.4-5.0). Featuring contemporary themes such as gender identity, dating and sex, body image, and multiculturalism, the Real Love books are written by authors who know their communities, with positive messages of being true to yourself and standing… read more »