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Camille Chamberland, M.A. sexologist and psychotherapist

Services Provided:

Sexologist and psychotherapist in Montreal and Laval, I am a specialist in transgender health. I receive,  in consultation and assessment,  teenagers and transgender adults or persons questioning their gender identity. I also offer counseling for family of transgender people (parents, spouses, families, etc.). Based on the assessment, I write letters of recommendation for hormone therapy, as well as for mastectomy or sexual reassignment surgery. My approach is marked by empathy, authenticity and is up to date in the scientific field. For people living outside the metropolitan area, I also offer my services on Skype.
Coordonnées :
10794, rue Lajeunesse
bureau 200
Montreal (QC) H3L 2E8
métro henri-bourassa
Honoraires : 95$ (tx incluses)
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