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Hershel Russell -Private Affirmative Counselling GTA

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When I see children exploring this complicated thing we call gender, I think that’s healthy. I don’t see anything wrong with children being Gender-Independent and I don’t think it requires any kind of treatment. What I can offer that might be useful is a safe and knowledgeable place where parents can process two sets of issues: the endless complex decisions they must take as they try to balance their children’s safety and their need to be true to themselves, and their own feelings as adults, including sometimes troubling and confusing ones, about raising these wonderful kids.
I read the professional literature closely, I am connected to the more progressive wing of North American clinicians and I can often provide some guidance through the local mazes of accessing Clinical and Mental Health systems, where parents decide that is necessary. I have been providing Affirmative Counselling to trans people and their families since 1995 and also often provide trainings in this field, through Rainbow Health Ontario and independently. I am myself an older trans man and a parent of adult kids.

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