Gender Creative Kids

LGBTQ Youth and Family Supports, Calgary Sexual Health Centre

Services Provided:

The LGBTQ Youth and Family Support Specialist at the CSHC provides supports to sexually and gender diverse (S&GD) youth and families of sexually and gender diverse children and youth. We are able to meet with youth with regards to questions about identity, coming out, family, relationships (including family, friends or romantic), transitioning supports, issues of identity at school and connecting to community. For trans youth 12 and up, we are able to provide direct psychiatric referrals for gender identity dysphoria diagnoses.
For families, we can provide support with regards to understanding their child’s identity, supporting an open dialogue between them and their child, processing their grief, discussing how to navigate the coming out process in different contexts, how to best support their child, navigating the school system and navigating the transition process both medically and socially.

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