Gender Creative Kids

GDAAY: Gender Dysphoria Assessment and Action in Youth

Services Provided:

The GDAAY team offers coordinated and integrated care for youth along the spectrum of gender dysphoria. We provide youth and their families with supportive services including assessment and treatment. The assessment process includes:
• A direct phone call from a GDAAY team member to get some information about the youth and their gender dysphoria.
• Questionnaires are mailed to the home to help the GDAAY team prepare to see the youth.
• Visit(s) with a Child Psychiatrist and/or Clinical Psychologist with the youth and their family for in person assessment and/or therapy.
• Visit(s) with a Pediatric Endocrinologist and Nurse Clinician for assessment of pubertal status, discussion of hormone blockers and potential for future hormone replacement.

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