Gender Creative Kids

CHEO – Diversity Clinic for Children and Youth, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Services Provided:

Providers: Dr Stephen Feder (Adolescent Medicine) and Dr. Margaret Lawson (Paediatric Endocrinology) Overview: CHEO’s Diversity Clinic provides comprehensive health care and support for gender nonconforming children and youth in eastern Ontario.
Assessment Process: Dr Stephen Feder does initial assessments with youth and families. Parents of young children can be seen without the child. Mental health professionals are consulted when there are complex mental health concerns. If eligible for puberty suppression, Dr. Feder arranges initial blood work, bone density assessments, and discusses fertility preservation options prior to referral to Dr. Margaret Lawson for discussion of puberty suppression options. Lupron injections can be administered through the endocrinology clinic or the youth’s family doctor. Dr. Feder provides ongoing support to parents and youth throughout the transition process.
Cost: There is no cost for this service. If needed, the clinic can often help the family obtain subsidies for the cost of Lupron through the Ontario Trillium Drug Plan or from the drug company.

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