Gender Creative Kids

Calgary Outlink: Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Services Provided:

We provide a safe community space equipped with support services, education opportunities, a support line, and access to resources.

MISSION: Supporting & uplifting LGBTQ+ lives.


We support all LGBTQ+ people. The plus sign means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, two-spirit & asexual people & their families, friends and allies – and everyone else under the rainbow.

We are LGBTQ+ led in every way. We provide a physical and emotional environment that allows LGBTQ+ people to feel accepted and supported, alive and celebrated.

We are here for the queers. Our volunteers, funders, staff and supporters are all community champions.

We elevate LGBTQ+ lives. We provide support that leads to transformation; the turning points, self-acceptance, loving relationships, safer communities that people need to thrive.

We are change makers. We are creating a safer world for LGBTQ+ people through advocacy, direct support and resources, education and social transformation.

Diversity, Respect, Support, Transformation, Self Acceptance

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