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Hi Sam: Sensitizing Youth Through Play | Pedagogical Guide for Elementary Schools

Funded by the Québec Ministry of Justice (ministère de la Justice), the pilot project Hi Sam: Sensitizing Youth Through Play aims to help teachers who have to address issues surrounding gender identity, roles, stereotypes and norms in elementary schools.

Our pedagogical guide serves multiple purposes and is in itself a source of very relevant information for many audiences. The first part provides a broad overview of the issues surrounding trans, non-binary and gender creative children and youth, while the second part offers sensitization activities that are easy to facilitate with elementary school-aged children using our education tool Sam.

Don’t have a Sam? No worries! Our guide was conceived to be also used without Sam. In any case, don’t wait to receive a Sam to stop transphobia before it starts!

To consult the guide, click here: Hi Sam – Pedagogical Guide

This guide is also accompanied by 3 short videos that allow you to get familiar with its content before you embark on reading or facilitating the sensitization activities.

Hi Sam – Video 1 | Introduction

Hi Sam – Video 2 | A Few Definitions

Hi Sam – Video 3 | Sensitization Activities

The guide, as well as the videos that accompany it, were co-constructed in collaboration with a magnificent committee of experts without whom these tools would not have seen the light of day. This committee is composed of people who have a personal and/or professional expertise, may they be researchers, teachers, students, parents, youth or at the intersection of these different identities. We thank each and every person that has participated in this beautiful process!

Another huge thanks to our partners: