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About our organization:

Gender Creative Kids is a reference community organization that has supported trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid youth’s affirmation within their families, schools, and communities since 2013. By empowering parents and their children, educating communities, offering innovative and evidence-informed resources, and advocating for the rights of trans youth, we aspire to a world that is a safe and joyful place for all children.

Job description:

The Head of Communications and Philanthropy will be joining a small and dynamic team at Gender Creative Kids. Their role is two-fold: Firstly, this person will work on designing and implementing a communications strategy for the organization. Secondly, they will develop a strategic fundraising plan which will help affirm not only the viability but the sustainability of the organization. This brand new position will ensure the healthy growth of Gender Creative Kids and will help us reinforce our capacities through both a campaign to spread awareness about Gender Creative Kids and our mission, as well as through the securing of funding across both the public and private sectors of the non-profit and charity funding landscapes. We’re looking for someone who is creative and a critical thinker to join our team!

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design, implement, and coordinate an effective communications strategy for Gender Creative Kids (GCK);
  • Organize and direct the promotion of GCK’s new brand identity;
  • Manage the organization’s social media presence;
  • Write and revise public statements and press releases;
  • Initiate and curate content for a new mailing listserv for GCK’s newsletter;
  • Serve as a point of contact for media relations and inquiries;
  • Ensure that all public-facing content accurately reflects the values and identity of GCK while adhering to the organization’s brand guidelines;
  • Determine and regularly assess the funding needs of the organization and coordinate any relevant grant timelines and deliverables;
  • Collaborate with the Director of Operations and Development, the Director of Programs and Strategies, and the Board of Directors to oversee the organizations’ short-term and long-term fundraising strategies;
  • Write and submit grant proposals;
  • Supervise grant reporting activities; prepare comprehensive and accurate grant reports;
  • Maintain strong relationships with funders, develop new relationships;
  • Develop a wide and sustainable philanthropic plan;
  • Coordinate a calendar of outreach activities for the organization including community events, fundraising events, and other communication opportunities;
  • Create connections with trans-oriented organizations across Canada and develop working relationships with community partners across the country;
  • Contribute significantly to the writing and editing of the annual report;
  • Any additional tasks as a team member.

An ideal candidate would have at least one or more of the following qualifications*, as listed in order of importance:

  • Deep and meaningful understanding of the realities of trans and non-binary identities and experiences;
  • Trans affirmative, anti-racist, and overall anti-oppressive approach;
  • Bilingualism in English and French (spoken and written);
  • Experience in communications;
  • Experience in fundraising;
  • Extensive knowledge of the funding landscape in Montreal; Quebec; Canada; and the nonprofit and charity sectors;
  • A demonstrated history of successful grant writing;
  • Goal-oriented, methodical, and strategic thinking oriented towards the success and health of Gender Creative Kids;
  • Project management and organization skills;
  • Financial management skills, particularly for budgeting and reporting;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

*Experience and qualifications can have been paid, volunteer, or otherwise involved.

Additional assets:

  • Familiarity working in a horizontal, non-hierarchical organization;
  • Experience working in the community sector, knowledge of both Montreal’s Francophone communities and Anglophone communities;
  • An ability to be flexible with work schedule, including evenings, weekends, and travelling;
  • Additional languages other than English or French;
  • A valid driver’s license.

Logistical details:

  • Full time position on contract for 18 months with possibility of renewal, 3 month probation period;
  • 40 hours a week, 4 weeks vacation annually + the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day;
  • $25/hour with yearly increase as indicated by the Employee Guide;
  • Hybrid work style between remote and in-office work, dependent on the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • A new laptop will be provided for remote work;
  • The position will involve working and touring in major cities across Canada;
  • Robust HR benefits which are flexible and adaptable to diverse realities, including sick days and wellness days;
  • $500 discretionary spending self-care bank available to employees annually (non-accumulating).


We would like to emphasize that trans and non-binary members of the community are strongly invited to apply for this position. Additionally, we encourage Black, Indigenous, and people of colour to apply for this position. As well, we encourage individuals who embody otherwise marginalized identities to apply for this position.


Job posting: November 13, 2020 – December 11, 2020

Interviews: January 05, 2021 – January 08, 2021

Projected start date: January 18, 2021


A cover letter is not necessary. Instead, please complete our online application by answering the questions included. Please answer all the questions in the language in which they are asked. The completion of this application is due no later than 11:59pm on Friday, December 11th, 2020. The form can be found here:


For any questions, please contact Mitchell Rae Cousineau (

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. You will be contacted by email.