Gender Creative Kids

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Do you want to help transgender, non-binary and gender creative kids and their families?

By contributing financially to Gender Creative Kids Canada, you are helping Canada’s only organization for support to transgender and non-binary kids. We are now expanding to fill the immense void of services offered to the population. Support from you will be essential in the pursuit of our social mission!

We can now issue charity receipts for cash donations, please contact us for a receipt or for any questions. You can reach our Project coordinator, Antoine Beaudoin Gentes, at this address:

Your generous donations will allow us to carry out the following projects:

-Activities of art therapy for transgender and non-binary kids and teenagers

-Group of support for families

-Developing online support for parents and teenagers

-Developing a transgender educational tool, the first in the world, Sam

-Awareness training in schools for staff and students

-Fight for legislative changes

-New projects and new support tools for parents and their kids


Photo taken during an art therapy session, credit Keven Lee (right reserved)

Thank you for supporting us by donating online through our paypal account right here!