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For parents and caregivers: Develop your own support network with our easy to use tools.  Find people just like you with similar journeys who are within your community. Maybe you are looking for a heart-to-heart, a “spill it all” out talk or a laugh-out-loud conversation with other parents or caregivers who also have a gender creative child just like yours.

Maybe you would like to have your child meet other children who have similar interests and just want to get together to play.

Register as a user and create new connections today.

Note: Please note that this forum is for the english users. For the bilingual people or for the ones that wish to enhance their network, we invite you to create a second profile on the gender page.

These pages are not mirror copies of each other, if you register your user account on both sites, you have a better chance of finding families in your community.
In order for us to complete your request and approve your profile we will need you to provide a minimum of information in your profile description and map point an area at most 50km from your home (to keep it confidential) in order for other parents to know a bit about you to ease in getting to know each other in a safe environment.