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What Happens When Your Son Tells You He’s Really A Girl
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This week’s Maclean’s cover story looks at a small but growing number of Canadian children who are transitioning from their gender at birth based on their sexual anatomy to something else—boys to girls, girls to boys, or to a more ambiguous identity—in the way they dress and behave. Look for the full story on newsstands now,… read more »

KHQ Exclusive: An 8-Year-Old’s Transgender Transformation
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Parents often dream about who their children will grow up to be, but sometimes the answer isn’t at all what they had planned. Rob & Shannon Cox are one example. Their 8-year-old daughter, Aya, was born Aiden. “There wasn’t that light bulb moment, we didn’t really say, ‘Oh, we have a transgendered child here,’” Rob… read more »

Gender creative Kids / Enfants transgenres Canada now offers training in primary schools

Gender creative Kids / Enfants transgenres Canada now offers training in elementary schools. These training sessions are aimed at teachers, specialists and other staff such as child care teams.

The training, which can be expected to last about 90 minutes, aims at demystifying gender identity / gender / sexual orientation issues and discuss possible solutions to better integrate a transgender child and / or to help schools becoming more inclusive for all, regardless of gender identity / gender expression of all children.




About a Girl: Coy Mathis’ Fight to Change Gender
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Detailed article about Coy Mathis’ extraordinary journey   About a Girl: Coy Mathis’ Fight to Change Gender By the time Coy Mathis was four years old, he knew one thing was for sure: that he wasn’t a boy Read more: Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

Crossing the Lines: Making Child Welfare Services Equitable for Transgender and Transsexual Youth and Other Youth who Cross Gender Lines
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A webinar by Lorrain Gale (Children’s Aid Society of Toronto), Jordan Zaitzow (Rainbow Health Ontario), and Jake Pyne (Trans PULSE) that raises awareness of the experiences of trans youth in child welfare, how biases in child welfare services affect trans youth, and how to provide affirming child welfare services.

Quest Community Health Centre

We are a Community Health Centre in St Catharines that provides gender affirming care to transgender youth, and gender independent children and their families. We will provide education and counselling to families in a supportive environment. If agreed upon will provide referral for puberty blockers and cross gender hormone therapy if under 16 years of… read more »