Gender Creative Kids

Raising My Rainbow

Raising My Rainbow is Lori Duron’s poignant, heart-breaking, and at times hysterical memoir of her and her family’s adventures of raising a gender creative child.


The heart of this memoir is love. Ms. Duron is a strong, loving mother. She doesn’t just support her child C.J., but listens and respects his personal emotional needs.
Raising My Rainbow is an important book. In it we see and acknowledge the struggles of a mother fighting for her child’s right to be himself. She does so even as she herself is berated for not forcing her child to conform to the standards of gender presentation in our society to be someone he is not.
The book covers the period from Ms. Duron’s early first awareness that C.J.’s interests differ from his typical older brother Chase’s through C.J.’s entry into first grade. It details Ms. Duron’s initial tolerance, then acceptance, of C.J.’s interests and creative gender expression. It shows the general societal resistance to a boy who likes “girl” things. The efforts Ms. Duron puts forth to support C.J. throughout this period reflect the love of this exceptional mother for her gender-creative child.

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