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Puberty Blocking & Hormone Therapy for Transgender Adolescents

From TransActive at Health Outcomes Subcommittee.




i people who are visually gender nonconforming1 are at heightened risk of negative psychological outcomes. Statistically, they are also disproportionately victimized by transphobic discrimination and violence2. A primary contributing factor in this visual nonconformity, (assuming it is not an intentional form of self-expression) are natal pubertal changes that do not reflect the person’s innate3 gender identity or social gender presentation.

For an ever-increasing number of transgender adolescents, these negative outcomes are avoidable, however many private insurers exclude coverage for such care and the out-of-pocket costs for this medically approved treatment are prohibitive for most families.

We believe this testimony will demonstrate the medical efficacy and urgent need for adding puberty blocking and cross-sex hormone treatment and medications for properly evaluated transgender adolescents to the list of covered therapies.

TransActive OHSC Testimony


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