Gender Creative Kids

Interview With a Gender Creative Child

This week, an article about a child in Edmonton made the rounds on Facebook. It was about a child called Wren, who is eleven years old. Wren was assigned female at birth and came out as a transgender boy. Wren’s confidence and strong sense of self were inspiring – but not every child in that situation has achieved that self-assurance.

So here in Montreal, a group of parents have put together a website to help children and parents in similar situations. It could be like Wren, for a boy child declared female at birth, or for a girl child assigned male at birth. Still, it could be for a child who fits somewhere in between or outside of this spectrum.

This used to be referred to as “Gender Dysphoria.” Now, there’s a more positive term “Gender Creative.”

Annie is a member of Gender Creative Kids Canada, the group behind the website. She came into studio with Olie, who is 11. Olie is a gender creative child.

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