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Facebook Support Group: Canadian Parents of Trans and Gender Creative Kids/Parents d’enfants transgenres Canada

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Canadian Parents of Trans and Gender Creative Kids is a support group for parents of transgender, two-spirit, and gender creative children.

Le groupe de Parents d’enfants transgenres Canada est un groupe d’entraide pour les parents des enfants transgenres.

This group is focused on non-judgemental support and information sharing. We know that all members love and want to support their children, and many of us are dealing with very difficult circumstances. Members are encouraged to share their feelings, but are asked to use respectful language at all times. If you see a post that is offensive, please report it to the administrators and/or discuss with the person who posted it by private message. The administrators of this group volunteer to screen members and are not always able to address language issues immediately. You may also use the ‘hide’ or ‘block’ feature to avoid seeing a post that is upsetting

This is a ‘secret’ group, which means that membership is completely secret – only other members know who is part of this group, and only members can see what is posted. In order to maintain a safe place for everyone, members are asked to keep confidential any identifying details, including photos, shared in this group.

Il s’agit d’un group d’entraide et de l’échange d’ information. Il s’agit un groupe secret, ce qui veut dire que le droit de voir la liste des membres et les publications de ce groupe est limité aux membres. Les responsables de ce groupe vérifieront les identités des membres. Au but de garder la sécurité du groupe, on prie aux membres de maintenir la confidentialité des détails personnels, y compris les photos, partagées dans ce groupe.

To join, please e-mail, with a message explaining why you are interested in joining the group.

Afin de nous rejoindre, veuillez envoyer un courriel a l’équipe administrative:, avec vos raisons de vouloir faire partie de ce groupe.

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