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Misfile: A Web Comic by Chris Hazelton with Gender Role and Identity Themes

Chris Hazelton is a web comic artist and is the creator of an interesting web comic about gender identity and gender roles.  The web comic is called Misfile.

Misfile is an interesting web comic for gender creative youth in that it plays around with the concept of gender.  The main character, Ash Upton, has been suddenly, and potentially, irreversibly changed from Male to Female overnight.  Not only that but everyone in Ash’s life has had their memories re-written so that Ash was always a girl in their minds.

Only Ash’s new friends know the real truth.  Follow Ash from Volume 1 onward as they try to come to terms with what has happened, and adapt to their new body and their new expected societal role.  An interesting concept that plays on gender roles and gender identity within society.

The artist Chris Hazelton is still updating the comic on a weekly basis with updates almost every weekday.  If you read from the beginning, notice the improvement in the artist’s style and ability as the web comic progresses!

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