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Born twin boys, now they are brother and sister:


Born twin boys, now they’re brother and sister: How Wyatt, 14, became Nicole… and sibling Jonas loves the new girl in the family


  • Nicole Maines changed her name from Wyatt in the fourth grade

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Although born identical twin boys, Wyatt Maines had never felt the same as brother Jonas. While Jonas played with Spiderman and pirates, Wyatt preferred Barbie and tutus.

From a young age, Wyatt did not identify with the gender he was born into and with the help of incredibly supportive parents, Kelly and Wayne, began to live life as a girl. Wyatt became Nicole in the fourth grade and now takes hormones to stop male puberty.

Nicole, now aged 14, told the Boston Globe: ‘I have always known I was a girl. I think what I’m aiming for is to undergo surgery to get a physical female body that matches up to my image of myself.’

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