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19 Terribly Interesting Tips On Raising A Trans Kid (From A Trans Kid)

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I realized I wanted to be a girl around the age of three. I wasn’t very good at being a guy and I didn’t know what it meant to be a girl, so I mostly stayed quiet. If you talked to me about books, movies, television or video games you’d usually perk my ears up and garner my undivided attention and rambling. Also I was immensely weird and very ADD but (thankfully) lovably and unmedicated, respectively. I enjoyed drawing, writing, playing with my action figures and meditating. Got on good terms with the big bearded cat upstairs after my parents’ divorce and faith was the only thing keeping me sane for the next 11 years.

Went to college and met a lot of wonderful people, graduated and promptly broke apart like an unstringed marionette. Workaholism had been the only thing bonding my molecules together. Then I fell in love with a stellar girl, hereafter referred to as GF. A year later I turned this site on to try and tell the rest of the story.

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w/luv, M

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