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TransSask Youth is for anyone in Saskatchewan under 24 who is trans*-identified, genderqueer, intersex and gender creative. Friends, allies, and supporters are also welcome, for communication, camaraderie, and community building.

TransSask Youth is a subsidiary of TransSask Support Services, Inc.

TransSask Support Services, Inc. is a province wide support and resource network for trans*-identified, genderqueer, intersex and gender creative individuals, their spouses, family, friends and allies.

At TransSask, our vision is that all people of Saskatchewan no matter their gender identity and/or expression have the information, support and opportunities needed to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have. The core values which guide TransSask are support and education within an environment respectful of diversity and equality.

Contact us:
…or snail mail…
TransSask Support Services Inc.
PO Box 3911
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3R8

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