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Special Care Counsellor – Technicien en Éducation Spécialisé, Sebastian Parlea

Services Provided:

I am a special care counsellor (SCC) graduated from Champlain College in St-Lambert, Québec.

I work in private practice in their home or another location of their choice.

My role is to observe, evaluate and create an intervention plan and work on an individual basis or in a group with children aged 3 to 12 and/or their parents who lives or are likely to experience various problems of adjustment.

I implement specific objectives and work with the client(s) in order to eliminate their problems or to improve their skills in several areas such as: behavior – attachment disorder and/or inappropriate behavior, violence, abuse, mental health, social integration, social education, academic difficulty and rehabilitation.

I pursue goals of social integration and personal development, including; prevention, education and rehabilitation. My role is also to assess the needs, capacities, lifestyles and behaviors of children with psychosocial difficulties. I can also proceed with the screening, assessment, detection and identification of undiagnosed disorders.

I’m an active member of the Quebec Association Of Special Care Counsellors.

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