This group is for youth between the ages of 12 – 16 (10 or 11 year old youth may be invited, please speak with Beck first)
For youth who identify anywhere along the gender spectrum of gender fluid, trans, two-spirit, gender queer, non-binary …

This group is only for the youth and will be based on visiting together and building social connections.

Facilitators: Beck Hood & trans identified community volunteer/guest speakers
Group: Youth Social Group by and for trans and gender diverse youth
Location: Family Services Ottawa 312 Parkdale Ave
LAST Monday of each month

The first hour is:
Check in on how everyone is doing
Thoughts, experiences or topics the youth would like to discuss
Topic of discussion based on the month previous by the youth

The second hour is:
An outdoor activity at the park (if weather permits)
If rain then we do inside games, art, writing, zine making, book reviews or further discussion of topics/thoughts/ big dreams
*Sometimes we have guest speakers.

Beck Hood
LGBTTQIA Trainer and Public Educator
Around the Rainbow, Family Services Ottawa
312 avenue Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 4X5
Tel / Tél.: (613) 725-3601 ext. 105
Fax / Téléc.: (613) 725-5651