Join us for our monthly swim night for gender creative, gender independent, genderfluid, genderqueer, trans, two-spirit, intersex, agender, non-binary and all fabulous gender diverse children and youth ages 0-24*!

WHEN: 6:30-7:30 PM on Saturday, May 21

WHERE: Jack Purcell Community Centre Pool (320 Jack Purcell Lane, Ottawa, ON)

COST: The cost ranges from $2.30-4.80/person; please see the swimming drop-in fees on the Jack Purcell website: If the cost is prohibitive for you, please contact Hannah ( or Beck ( and we can help find ways to cover the cost.

*AGE: Parents/guardians of children 10 and under must consult the City of Ottawa’s guidelines around supervision:

DRESS CODE: Everyone must wear bottoms but nothing else is required. Please wear whatever swimming attire you love and makes you feel most comfortable.

CHANGE ROOMS: There are four bathrooms/change rooms by the pool, and all will be all-gender for swim nights. Two of the bathrooms are single stalls, and two have multiple stalls. You will need to walk through one of the multi-stall ones to access the pool.

HISTORY: During Ottawa Pride Week 2015, an awesome group of youth and staff from the Youth Services Bureau hosted a queer and trans youth swim. The reviews were glowing, and folks said they wanted more events like this, so here we are!

SAFER SPACES GROUP GUIDELINES: These guidelines have been compiled from consultation with trans children and youth!
– Don’t be a jerk
– Be nice
– Respect each other
– Use gender neutral language
– No running or splashing
– No photos/video
– Respect confidentiality
– Don’t make assumptions based on someone’s gender identity or expression
– Don’t make comments about people’s bodies or appearances, whether it is positive or negative. Even compliments can be hurtful and/or uncomfortable.